Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Welcome to Adoption Centre

Adoption Centre

Thanks for all of your friendly support peeps! Adoption centre is now closed! Check out future emails for information! All our charmlings are adopted! Thanks again! ^^

Adoption is now open, and as our opening special, you can now adopt a charmling without any purchase at a price of $0.50 - $1!

The Adoption Centre does not charge for the adoption of a charmling (all material costs waived). What you are actually paying for is our hard work helping persuade the Charmlings that they are beautiful because of their flaws!

Although they might look slightly flawed
, their cuteness shines thru their imperfection! So get your hands on them now and show them some love! (prices above exclude shipping cost.)

These Charmlings are born with slight defects, so you might find some cracks, chipped paint/glaze, tiny bubbles in their face or they might have weird facial expressions ^^;

We are all adopted!!


Fruity charmlings for adoption! Strawberry and Watermelon charmlings are as adorable as they look! Come with a hoop, it can become a hand phone charm, a key chain, earrings or even a necklace!

Sadly, our strawberry charmling's leaves were attacked by caterpillars, leaving them slightly smudged :( Our watermelon charmlings suffered from lack of water during their growing process, which ended up with them being less glazed than the others.


Pastry charmlings for adoption! Waffle, bread toast with strawberry jam, small bread toast with butter and a donut with a heart! Waffle and bread toasts come with a hoop, they are ready to be your charms/ keychain etc as soon as you adopt them! The donut with a heart can be used as a decorative figurine or it can double as food for your toys!

Sadly, our waffle is invaded by hungry ants that bit off some of it's crumbs behind. Bread toast with strawberry jam ate too much and became too chubby; its front stained by the some of the strawberry jam. Tiny bread toast with butter wiggled too much during glazing part, resulting in it missing out some portion of glaze. Donut with a heart sat on icing sugar for too long, leaving a white patch at the back :(


Onigiri charmlings for adoption! 3 big onigiris (0.5 inch) and 2 small onigiris (0.25 inch) are looking for caring and loving owners that will provide them with all the love and care they need regardless of how they look! They all come with a hoop, so you can decide what your charmlings will become ^^

Sadly,the 3 big onigiris could not discard their love for playing with bubbles, which left them with some bubbles on their face and some rice fell off from Onigiri 1 (from left). 2 small onigiris are cute and good to go, but they are too small to be placed at the Charmlings store, as they have yet to learn how to smile as nicely as their brothers and sisters do.


Strawberry and mango puddings charmlings for adoption! The big puddings (around 0.8 inch) comes with a hoop, ready to make any of your accessories sweeter than it already is. 2 small mango puddings can be a sweet treat for your toys and a sure eye candy for decoration of your table/ cabinet.

Some orange juice spilled on the pudding charmlings and the strawberry pudding is greatly affected. It became sweeter than it originally was, and the big mango pudding can't smile that radiantly yet. Mini puddings' bottom were eaten away by ants, leaving holes on them! Poor puddings~


Ice-cream mini figures for adoption! The chocolate ice-cream has a face too! (too dark to see here, the picture quality is bad ><, click on the picture for a bigger view) Sadly, our chocolate ice-cream charmling was injured during the making, some of its chocolate fell off and you can see its caramel cream coating. These charmlings doesn't come with a hoop, as they are meant to be desserts for your toys ^^


jL said...

hi, i would like to purchase them. can u please contact me @ ling.masquerade@gmail.com? thanks!

Charmlings said...

Hi jl,

We have dropped a mail to your email:) thanks!

Sabrina said...

Hi, i would like to adopt one, you can contact me at kira_ichijo@hotmail.com . What are the charms left ?

Anonymous said...

Hi, i would like to adopt one, you can contact me at Conniegrl1996@hotmail.com . What are the charms left ?