Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Custom orders!


Custom made birthday cakes for your friends and loved ones! Choose your own topping and the names you want written on it.

Price varies on the cake design chosen.



Biscuit Set

Custom order of a biscuit set that includes: a mobile strap w bell, necklace, earrings and a biscuit bracelet that comes with four mini biscuits with heart and five mini bells.


Bao bracelet

Custom order bracelet made up of four buns with a heart on it. The bun bracelet comes alot with four cute mini bells.


Lover Puddings

Custom orders for lovers etc. Two adorable puddings on a base, customized messages can be written on the base. Base is about 1.5inch big, puddings around 0.5 inch.

Current figurines are all sold

Drop us a mail at : for other customize charms/figurines or to order the Lover puddings!

Lover puddings figurine are selling at $8.00 each.

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Cathy said...

Keep up the good work.